Build Your Own, Well, Everything!
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Build Your Own, Well, Everything!

When I lived in Minneapolis, there was a delicious restaurant called Tavern on France, and they had a full “Build Your Own” menu.  From Bloody Mary’s, to pizza, to burgers, to salads – even all the way to desserts!  I’m not going to lie; it was pretty much the best place on earth.  And it wasn’t buffet style, it was “fill out a card and some super awesome person will deliver it to you” style.

Wouldn’t it be great if more of life had that available?  Like, when it comes to TV or movies, wouldn’t it be fun to “Build Your Own”?  Or when it’s time to go shopping for new fall clothes – you could just walk into a “Build Your Own Wardrobe” store and leave with things made special – just for you and suited exactly to your tastes?

The only reason I bring this up is because the promotional world is starting to inch towards this custom “Build Your Own” style a bit more – and that makes me super happy. Custom products have always been available through over seas sourcing, but now, it is something that can be done quickly, with low minimums, and doesn’t have to break the bank.

For example, one of our clothing lines now offers customizable contrast stitching.  So, let’s say your company colors are forest green and hot pink and you REALLY want forest green and hot pink shirts.  It can now be done without having to rely on an ink color to get there.  And for only an additional $5.00 per garment!  WHAT?!

Another example: one of our suppliers offers a build your own pen!  I mean, it’s literally just like Subway!  I want a pink bottom barrel, a blue top barrel, a yellow clicker and a black accent dot with a neon green imprint.  Done!  Easy like Sunday morning.

Let us be your Subway.  Give us an idea of what you like – i.e.: Turkey on Whole Wheat with Ranch AND Spicy Southwest, load on the veggies– and let’s explore this new customizable world together.  Let us try and find you the perfect thing in the perfect colors with the perfect features that makes your company stand out and show who you really are!

Or if nothing else, maybe bring me that sandwich listed above.  : )

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