I Need Some F’in French Toast
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I Need Some F’in French Toast

How about that – I drew the food topic for our F’in blog!  Since I eat about 4 meals a day I think I should be able to fill this page up rather quickly.  I probably should go on about all the food gifts that are given out in the promotional world but I’ll leave most of the meat, cheese and chocolates out of it.  Although, it is hard not to mention Carol Widman’s Chippers. You can’t go wrong with giving those things out for a gift.

Instead, I’ll give note to my favorite food places in Fargo.  It’s hard to have a favorite place to eat if my meal can’t be accompanied by a good beer so you might see a little pattern in my choices.  I pretty much have a go-to meal at all of these places so I will list that as well.

Kobe’s – Steak AND Chicken with water.  Only because I don’t want any distractions from the food and because they usually squirt enough Sake to send you off questioning your BAC.

Old Chicago – Buffalo chicken rolls (not on the menu) and the classic pizza.  Any rotator for the beverage.

Mexican Village – Fajita pasta with queso and a Dos Equis Amber.  Muy bueno.

JL Beers – Humpty Dumpty with anything from the Fargo Brewing Company.

The Box  – Pizza Corner pizza and a Coors Light.

If you have any beef with any of my selections please keep it to yourself.   I don’t want to have to remove any of these things from my life!  Otherwise, if there is a place in town that I’m missing out on please do share.  I have been waiting for a reason to work in that fifth meal during the day!

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