How Being a Mom is Like Sales.
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How Being a Mom is Like Sales.

Some of you may be thinking that there is no direct correlation between product sales and being a mom. Well, I’m here to prove you wrong.

Let’s start with the beginning of my day. Now, when my son wakes up each morning, I never know what I he’ll greet me with. Will it be the sweet little boy in the crib, mooing and snuggling with his stuffed cow? Or, will he be the angry devil doing everything in his power to get the demon cow out of his bed and screaming until he poops his pants? Each morning at work, it’s a lot like that as the emails start coming in. Will I be greeted with a bunch of emails saying things are scheduled to ship early? Or will it be a bunch of emails from customers getting product that was printed using their arch rival’s imprint? (Yes, that has happened).

As the day progresses, whatever happened in the morning is more than likely completely different from the rest of the day. I could have tried to give my sweet little boy a banana for breakfast when obviously he wanted peanut butter toast. All those emails about stuff shipping early stopped coming in. Now, my greeting emails say that my customer NEEDS a Nike polo shirt for less than $10, tomorrow. Or it could be the complete opposite of that… day started out bad, but things are looking up!

The moral of this story is that promotional product sales and the world around them are a lot like a temperamental, bossy toddler. Every day is different and exciting and no matter how bad the day is, once you sleep it off, you get to experience something completely new the next day. Love it or hate it, it’s the world I choose to live in!

– Shannon Kirby

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