My First F’in Blog
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My First F’in Blog

As a Virgin blogger, all errors, sarcasm and snark herein, are products of my sick mind, and my sick mind only.

Soooo, my Blog topic for the F’in Blog is FUN! Given this topic, all I can say is my mind ran rampant with a variety of strange topics. So, here in list form, are things I know are fun, or have heard are fun.

  1. Physics is Phun. I read that on a T-shirt so it has to be true.
  2. Going to a Hardware store and loudly saying, “I need some white caulk,” then watch for snickers and strange glances to see who has a dirty mind.
  3. Swanky pens are funny. Hard to have a bad day when you see that silly smiley ball.
  4. Riding in the car with your head out the window. Just ask a dog how fun that is! They often look like they are smiling when they do that. Could be the wind blowing their jowls, but who are we to judge? (Jowls are NOT fun.)
  5. Singing..especially singing in the shower. If you’ve never seen Will Farrel in Elf, see it soon to know just how great shower singing can be.
  6. Games are fun. But not football, basketball or hockey. Just board games and nerd games.
  7. Laughing at yourself is also fun, see reference to nerd games in #6 above.
  8. The word “Shenanigans” is fun. Fun to say and even more fun to try and spell. Especially after a few drinks. I don’t know this from personal experience, mind you.
  9. Taking people in the hospital gifts is fun. If you forget, just grab something out of your car before you go in. Ice scrapers, granola bars, umbrellas and spare change all work in a pinch.
  10. Pole dancing is fun. Or so my friends from Poland have told me.

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