Neener Neener
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Neener Neener

Working in the promotional products industry for over 5 years now has somewhat numbed me to its influence.  Things just aren’t as cool to me as they used to be and it takes a pretty fascinating new product to get me excited. More often than not, I tend to forget how powerful a promotional item can be when done just right.  With that being said, this morning I was once again reminded about how cool promotional products really can be.

I am a creature of habit.  I have routines for pretty much everything I do – especially in the mornings.  I wake up, shower, brush my teeth while in the shower, put on my make up, do my hair, drink a glass of water, and finally begin the long and trying process of trying to figure out what I am going to wear.  Anyone who has been around an indecisive female trying to figure out what to wear knows that this can be a pretty awful experience.  For me, it was especially awful this morning because I had an 18-month-old hungry little boy hanging on my legs.  When I finally tried on my last thing and decided to stick with it, it looked as though Target exploded in my walk in closet.  However, part of the way through this marathon of trying outfits on, something really, really awesome happened.

While I was so desperate to find something perfect to wear, I opened a drawer that basically never sees the light of day.  As I was trashing my way through it, muttering expletives under my breath, I came across my old shirt from 1993 summer camp.  Ok, now try to control your laughter; the summer camp that I went to was called “Camp Beaver”.  As soon as I saw the shirt, my mind was flooded with memories of what we did, the girls I met, and most importantly of all, the camp song.  Timing couldn’t have been better.  At this point, the hungry one in the closet was pretty much on his last string of patience, so I just started belting the song:

“I’m a beaver, you’re a beaver, we’re a beaver all!  And when we get together, we do the beaver call! Neener Neener Neener Neener Neener Neener Neener, N Neener Neener Neener Neener Neener Neener Neen!”

I still remembered all the motions and everything.  This brought pure joy to my child.  He went from Lucifer’s spawn to a laughing troll doll.  It was glorious.  What had started off as a less then stellar morning was turned around on a dime at the sight of a simple Magenta t-shirt with a white imprint.

That, my friends, is quite amazing.

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