…You Do What?
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promotional product industry

…You Do What?

After four years with Brandfolk, I still find it interesting how unacquainted businesses are with the promotional product industry. Now, I’m not saying I don’t understand. I went through 5 years of college (a plethora of undergrad – no Master’s) and never talked about the promotional products industry for more than 5 minutes. However, I now know that it’s part of my responsibility to get out there and educate those who need to know more about one of the fastest growing advertising mediums.

One month removed from our industry showcase in Las Vegas, I have never been more motivated to spread the word. In Lehman’s terms, promotional products will help your business get more clients and we can help you. Whether you’re a promotional product advocate or not, the 19.4 billion dollar revenue in 2012 pretty much speaks for itself. My favorite part about this industry growth is that it brings constant introductions of new products, new ideas, and new promotional campaigns. Unfortunately, some promotional items will never go away, but it’s pretty interesting to see the new ones appearing on a daily basis. We are very lucky to belong to such a dedicated industry of innovators and a strong network of suppliers.

My hopes for the year in 2013 (which is already flying by) are pretty simple. I hope to spend more time with current clients and grab onto a couple new ones looking toward the future. Secondly, to create one of the most memorable product imprints of all time. (I’ll need help from Shelby here!) Finally, just to start thinking outside of the 1 color 1 location imprint box.

Oh, and I forgot to answer the question… I sell t-shirts.

– Matt Oye

  • Max
    Posted at 14:43h, 27 February Reply

    Great post! Can’t wait for more educational posts and maybe even videos?

    • Promotional Solutions
      Posted at 15:24h, 08 March Reply

      Thanks for the suggestion Max! We’ll consider doing some up close and personal interviews with our sales people so the world can get to know PS better!

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