Random Ramblings
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Random Ramblings

So, I tried and tried to find an inspirational subject dealing with promotional products or the surrounding industry to write my blog about, and as you can tell by the title of this blog – I failed.  So instead, I am going to treat you all with some little treats from my brain today.

1.  Neon colors make me so happy.  I just love that they are so popular right now.  I mean, neon yellow shoes and tank tops?  Sign me up.  I wish that I could convince all of my customers to buy neon colored everything.

2.  Creativity, when needed, is like trying to find an outfit when you have something specific in mind.  Have you ever noticed that?  When you have a project that could use something really unique and fun (like writing this blog), it’s next to impossible to conjure up anything of value. But, why is it on the days that you are sitting doing paper work, your brain just spits out all sorts of awesome? Such is life I guess.  Thanks goodness I have Shelby to be creative for me!

  1.  I want to be 2 years old again – just for a day or two.  To live so freely and have no sense of the world judging you for just doing what you want to do would be so excellent.  Thinking “I really like this song, I feel like dancing!” and just busting out your favorite butt shake for the world to see seems like it would be most freeing feeling in the world.  Or when that customer calls and asks for something ridiculous, you could just shout “OWIE” and the conversation would end.

4.  If I could only eat one food genre for the rest of my life – it would for sure be Mexican.  I mean, is there any greater snack than chips and salsa?  I am pretty sure not.  (p.s. – shortly after writing this, I went and got tacos)

5.  It’s strange to me that some people choose to spend all of their days angry.  I get it, some days just aren’t that good and that’s totally understandable.  But what I don’t understand is those people who wake up every morning with a bad attitude.  I don’t know about you, but when I am having a bad day, I have to try really really hard to keep my sour face on all day, and when I do accomplish that task, I’m literally exhausted by the effort.  Smiling and laughing is just so much easier and more fun.

Anyways, those are my random brain musings for the moment.  I think all of these things can tie into being a sales person and promotional products somehow, but I’m not going there right now.  Instead I am going to ask one thing of you – do all of the things above.  Put on your brightest color, dance like no one is watching, eat a taco and turn someone’s frown upside down – and next time that amazing, unprovoked creativity comes to mind, act on it.  Don’t just shelve it for later, because later it probably won’t be there.


  • Shannon Kirby
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